Braless Women 26

If you’re rockin the pokies raise your hand-
beep beep!
If you’re rockin the pokies raise your hand
(beep beep).
If you’re rockin the pokies and your bra is a jokie, yeah you’re rockin the pokies so raise your hand.

This little ditty provided to you out of love, kindness, and raw arousal from your friends at bralessblog.

A few wrinkles won’t slow this blondie down. She is probably somebody famous, but the image quality and my feeble mind will now allow for proper identification. There is a very slim chance she has a bra on under there somewhere, but much like the terminal pokies from Ms Jennifer Aniston, she has no hope of covering them up.
braless pokies

This young little toy is made for only one thing. Scratch that, make it two. She is made for boppin, and she is made for spending money. Yours, mainly. Might be worth it son, give her a call.
braless pokies

I could get over the 80’s rockstar hair if I could just wake up next to a woman who wore jammies like this to bed. Forget the jammies, she could wear a burlap sack to bed, and as long as she’s got two hershey kisses poking out of her clothes like that, I’m game.
braless pokies

I’m gonna watch a movie tonight with Gina Carano in it. If she’s hot enough, I’ll come back and post some stuff on her. Otherwise, more pokies.

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