Sofia Vergara Boobs

Just uttering the name Sofia Vergara is enough to send most horny normal men into apoplectic shock. Her accent is endearing and erotic. Her beauty is unimaginable. But her boobies – they are epic. Sofia has managed to keep her boobs from running her life. Now obviously they are enhancing her life. She’s getting fat daddy paychecks and lots of attention not because of her acting skills, but because of that body. As you can see in that first photo, she’s standing then looking like a goddess in a sheer white shirt with the most awesome looking pair of natural boobies ever-ever-ever. Yep, those are nipples you see. I sort of stare and moan and maybe twitch a little bit when I look at this pic. I would love to make her my little Brazilian plaything. Or wherever she’s from. Don’t really matter – I know where she’s going: down to dirty town. With me. And all 9 of my fingers. I chopped one off one time trying to puree some canned meat. She won’t mind. Look at the rest of me. All hot and ready to paint her body like a delicious little canvas.

In some of the interviews I’ve seen, she seems to be quite a fireball. All that emotion can be great, but eh it can wear on you. I already feel like an old man. A gal like Sofia would probably be the death of me. Mmm, but what a fun way to expire.

Also interesting to observe is the way her boobs wiggle when she is in silky undergarments and really mad and stomping around. Video example of what I’m talking about.

Sofia Vergara NipplesSofia Vergara PicSofia Vergara PicSofia Vergara PicSofia Vergara Pic

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