Shania Twain Braless

Shania Twain’s boobs are like the unicorn. You’ve heard it exists, but nobody ever sees it, right? Same with Shania. She has some big knockers, and wow she’s a stunner. But she’s fairly demure, pretty protective of her body. She doesn’t go around slutting it up, which is too bad for us because it means we don’t get to see much of it. If I had to guess, I’d say those girls are all-natural, and at least D cups. Maybe DD. And believe me, we like us some DD’s.

It’s been almost six years since we talked about Shania here on BB. That’s entirely too long considering how stunning she is, and how much I would like to celebrate her body by rubbing coconut oil all over it and… well, never mind. She is starting to show a little age, but so does a 1978 Porsche 911, and you wouldn’t see me kicking that classic out of bed. I’ve heard that some older women have a problem with lubricity, which I’m sure is exacerbated if you’re in bed with a hirsute schlep like me. But we could easily cure that with a well-timed lugie, or barring that – a slightly classier approach – a little KY. At that point, Ms Shania and I would have quite a good time I’m sure.

At least for like 92 seconds.

shania twain pokies 1shania twain pokies 2shania twain pokies 3shania twain pokies 4


I thought you guys would want to see a video showing Shania’s bouncing braless boobs. Can I hear a hell yeah?

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