LeAnn Rimes Braless and Manic

I’m looking at all the LeAnn Rimes posts (like <-- that one) that I've done in the past, and I'm thinking: 1) she doesn't wear a bra very often 2) I'm gonna have to stop being so lazy and give her her own category here on bralessblog I heard recently that she went into the nuthouse. Er, excuse me, the rehabilitation clinic. This was for fruit loop addiction, or exhaustion, or some such thing. That's a shame, because I'm pretty sure she got married not too long ago (remember - to that dude she cheated on her husband with?) and I'm sure hubby is going to miss that curvy bony girl being in bed next to him. LeAnn is one of those girls who has big A-cups, or maybe B-cups, and wears them proudly. She was probably all constrained and forced to sing gospel for the first 13 years of her life, and when she finally burst out of the closet she was like DAMN! I'M GONNA THROW THIS COOCHIE AROUND! So she probably bears watching. If you're ever at a party where LeAnn is (happens all the time to me), you won't have to slip her a roofie or clamp some pad soaked in you know what over her mouth to get her going like the energizer bunny. LeAnn Rimes Braless PicLeAnn Rimes Braless Pic

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