Minka Kelly Fake Boobs

So back in August, I promised I would do a little more research on Minka Kelly. She is insanely hot, and loves to bounce her big boobies around, so this is not exactly painful, egghead in the library type research.

Based on what I am hearing, Minka Kelly does not have fake boobs. This is not terribly important here at BralessBlog. We like boobies, so the way we see it, real means we can see ’em and touch ’em, fake means they don’t exist. But finding some gal like Minka, who has delicious looking D-cups, likes to flaunt them, and they turn out to be real – that’s rare and very titillating. The realness is like a fine china plate under a delicious hamburger. It’s totally not needed, it may or may not be appreciated, but hey nobody is going to complain at all, hear what I’m saying?

Now, I’m a little tiny tiny bit reluctant to point out some details in these photos. I have two minor points to make, and then I’ll leave you guys alone to enjoy the view.
1) She does happen to have kankles. This is all okay, I still love her. Ya’ll know the kankle thing doesn’t reduce my lusting after certain ladies, so no worries. Minka’s may be exacerbated by the fact that she’s wearing flat shoes. I would recommend she cut that shit out, and get on some respectable heels.
2) Her boobs, in this brown tanktop, are just droopy enough to advertise the fact that they aren’t fake. It’s fine and all, the cool thing about natural breasts is you can squeeze them up and move them around without like rupturing a bag of possibly harmful fluid. Anytime she wants, Minka and squash up some cleavage in a red carpet dress and knock our socks off.

Minka Kelly braless 1Minka Kelly braless 2Minka Kelly braless 3

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