Jennifer Lawrence Bikini Boobies

See, I knew Jennifer Lawrence had c-cups. Get ’em wet and dangle them around in a skimpy bikini and my eagle eye can spot every little millimeter of womanlyness. She looks a little bit goofy in these photos, and her body ain’t looking terribly athletic, but if you have seen her eyes you know I’m going gaga over her. She’s one of those chicks that won’t get you hot and bothered schlepping around the house in a sweatshirt with her hair in a frazzle, but will take your breath away in Prada on the red carpet with a little lipstick on. Plus, she’s a wealthy Hollywood star and I would let her buy me some Christmas presents. Merry Christmas by the way. I would let Jenny be my little elf. I’d even let her wear a santa hat while I nookied her doggy style while I groaned like an abominable snowman. I’m gonna have to google her to see if I can find any more movies to see her in over the Christmas holidays. Maybe she does some lingerie stuff, or tongues a banana.

Jennifer Lawrence bikini picJennifer Lawrence bikini picJennifer Lawrence bikini pic

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