A Braless Wife Gets Hot

It’s not totally unusual for us to highlight a braless wife on occasion. What could be hotter? Well, that’s a rhetorical question, it’s all hot when you are like me and have cheeto crumbs in your beard and haven’t changed your sucks in twelve days.

This wife in particular has that spunky hair and those point boobs that seem to say, hello and thank you for stopping by, I’m about to masturbate until I quiver, and then I’m gonna cry, cause I’m a little psycho and you love me all the more for it. I don’t know what you would call the top she has on. I guess it could qualify as being a bra, which mostly sort of violates the braless policy we have around here. But I’m sure you’ll agree it’s still revealing enough to justify a post. And I guess you won’t fail to notice that somewhere between the first picture and the second picture her panties disappear. This would also violate the rule about teasing only and no nudity. But you can’t really see anything, so no worries.

I think she’s going about painting her toenails. But biting her lip like that, and shedding her panties, makes me think she has in mind something else entirely. I’ll dust the cheetos off and pop out the lebowski and… well wait, I guess she’s not my wife.

braless wife 1braless wife 2

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