Mariah Carey Pokies

Mariah Carey giggles with pokiesMariah Carey has been a hot topic lately. There was some kind of flub-up at the New Year’s Eve celebration and her soundtrack messed up and she stomped off stage.

I personally think it would’ve been a lot more interesting if a nipple would’ve popped out and then several old geezers in the audience dropped to the ground with a heart attack, but whatever.

I thought these photos of her running around braless in a white bodysuit might get your attention. As proud as she is of those juggers, it’s rather difficult to find Maria Carey pokies. She’s more about the cleavage thing, and letting you see all the way down to her bellybutton.

She is apparently shopping in these photos, and of course surrounded by some kind of entourage that unfortunately doesn’t include yours truly.

If I were there, I certainly wouldn’t be able to keep my eyes off those nips. I might even flick one with a thumb, just to see if it would completely rip through the fabric at that point.

I’m slightly embarrassed to realize I haven’t posted anything about Maria’s boobs since 2009. This suggests there’s something wrong with me. Or maybe I’m just a crappy webmaster. Now that I think about it, both facts, BAM!

I put a link to some of the previous posts below.

Mariah Carey shopping pokiesJust to try and redeem myself, I did a search on Mariah Carey implants, and did some stroking reading. Nothing really conclusive, but if you look at some photos of her from her early part of her career, and compare that bosom to her current orbs of amazement, there’s really no denying it.

Now granted, I think she’s had two kids between then and now. But here’s the thing, kids make you boobs grow then shrink. It’s not some kind of perpetual breast enlarger. She’s also gotten a little chunkier since then (hey I’m not complaining), so that could play a role.

Doesn’t really matter. I think they are plenty enjoyable!

She’s a pretty good singer. She always has to do that thing where she screams in a high-pitched voice and she’s not really saying any words she’s just showing off her “range”. That’s annoying.

But anybody who is as hot as she is can get away with being annoying. Especially considering some of the crazy shit she wears. If I weren’t so lazy, I would take a photo of Elvira Mistress of the Dark and photoshop her head off and then compare it side-by-side with Mariah cause I swear sometimes they seem to share the same wardrobe. Realllll heavy on boobie emphasis. Which is right up my alley, yummy.

Mariah Carey bodysuit pokiesMariah Carey shopping cart pokiesMariah Carey braless pokies

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