Bikini Pokies Warm Us Up

It’s been awhile since we posted any bikini pokies. It’s cold where I live, so I think it’s time to get our blood pumping a little here…

blue bikini pokiesThis is sort of a blue checkerboard bikini pokie. This gal looks a bit exotic, and has a tan dark enough to make you want to drink a dirty martini. She appears to be rather, uhhhh, well-endowed godblessher.

striped bikini pokiesYep, gal number two better be checkin herself befo’ she wrecks herself. Well, I don’t know about wrecking, but she may be at risk of having a nipple pop out. I can’t help but let my gaze wander down her (very flat) navel and wondering if she over-dried her bikini bottoms making them shrink. Sometimes my t-shirts do that and they get really tight on my belly, er I mean flat stomach.

yellow bikini pokiesIt’s hard to beat solid color bikinis because there is no print to confuse the eye and camouflage the pokies. No color can really hide the nips from my well-practiced eye, but light colors like yellow certainly stand no chance. This gal is a little wide in the hips and the waist, but I could certainly help her work a few calories off and to be honest I like a little extra padding. Don’t want no stick figures. Her boobs are maybe sitting a little wide apart, if she cinched up that bikini top she could squeeze the cleavage together and increase her chances of picking up a manly stud like myself.

red bikini pokiesAhh, yes, and then we have the “drunk party girl I think I’ll have one more bear but I hope my erect nipples aren’t distracting my friends or the slobbering bartender” pokies. The casual three-finger hello wave is meant to
a) be friendly to the annoying cameraman
b) prevent the necessity of sitting down the cervasa
c) mask her inebriated inability to construct a more substantial wave with the hand that’s keeping her from falling down/overboard
d) indicate how many fingers she prefers to use when she, you know, helps herself out.

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