Tanktop Pokies

I decided we should talk about tanktop pokies today because… well, why the hell not?

I gair-ron-tee you (imagine a Cajun accent, applaud at will) that some horny/smart dude invented the tanktop. Sure it’s comfortable for dudes to wear while they sit in their barcolounger with a bear and watch the game. Especially if they have flabby arms with scruffy black hair all over them.

The magic happens when you drop a chick into a tanktop. Nobody wears a bra with a tanktop. That’s just fact. Given that fact, you just can’t go wrong. Tanktop too tight? BAM, boobies are sticking out everywhere. Tanktop too loose? Oooh, so sorry, now you are going to accidentally get flashed every five minutes and be forced to watch the wigglejiggle.

We talked many moons ago about Megan Fox wearing a tanktop in that one movie where she runs/jiggles around. The video I posted back in ’15 of the braless gal in a tanktop has proven quite popular. And in general, you should probably quit screwing around and visit our video section.

white tanktop pokiesNow ya’ll know I have a special place in my hear for white tanktop pokies. This gal delivers fo sho. That thick little brunette braid only adds to the tantalizing effect. Makes me think about a handle, give it a little tug here and there while you’re, you know, copulating. Could she scratch glass with those nips? Yes indeedy. Those boobs are quite round, and make me want to do a damn happy dance. Maybe the horizontal mamba.

pink tanktop pokiesAnd this photo kinda makes you freeze. Like hold your breath, and sit really still. Because at any minute, this girl’s impossibly loose tanktop is going to shift and fall right off her nipples. Quite an effective tease, don’t you think? It doesn’t hurt that she has the body of a blonde goddess. Also, praise little 7 lb 10 oz baby jesus, she has recently shaved her pits. I know some of you perverts get into the whole hairy thing; that’s a discussion for another day.

tiny tanktop pokiesDon’t you think the straps on this tanktop are impossibly thin? Like at any molment, they are going to go TWANG! like an overstressed guitar string, and madame is going to find her mammaries out bouncing in the breeze. She has a very cute face, and puckered up lips with some naughty red lipstick, but if you’re like me you keep coming back to those pointy little nipples. You can help it. As a kid, you were trained like Pavlov’s dogs to recognize the nipple as a source of nourishment. It’s instinctual, sort of like the whole downblouse thing.

car tanktop pokiesOkay, I’m running out of room here. I’ve already used most of the words in the english language, and yet… and yet we have this delicious hottie yet to discover. Is she taking this selfie with her own phone, proud of her nipples and the effects they have upon the world? Surely. Did she slide that green tanktop on this morning and think “my braless boobs are going to cause heartattacks all dayum day”? Yep. And before she took the photo, slicing down the highway at 55 mph in her fancy Mercedes, did you look down at her areola and decide they weren’t pokie enough, and give them a twist. Sure as shit she did.

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