The Braless Experiment

Note: this is a post that was guest-written by Christy.

When I stepped out of the Uber car and swung my purse onto my shoulder, the guy standing on the sidewalk having a smoke immediately said “Oh, my…” with his eyes trained on my chest.

Five minutes into my braless experiment, and I’m already feeling extremely self-conscious.

I was wearing a filmy blouse material, with a short skirt and high heels. The point was to de-emphasize my boobs, drawing attention to my legs. Because I had my natural c-cups unfettered today, I wanted to see how it felt to spend all day without a bra.

Let me tell you: it feels great. It’s the height of summer here, and the last thing I want is a bra making me sweat. The straps dig into my shoulders and my back. The underwire pinches and pokes me. And sometimes the bra material rubs my nipples raw if it’s too lacy or too loose.

Besides the comfort, it really seems the rage. All the celebs are doing it. And my friends, who admittedly have smaller boobs than I do, claim it’s awesome.

“Are you wearing a bra?” my friend Audrey asked me, first thing, when I met her at the coffee shop.

“No, can you tell?”

“Yep,” she answered. “I can totally see your nipples.”

“No you can’t!” I refuted. Again, I had chosen a blouse that I thought hid the fact pretty well. I headed to the coffee shop’s bathroom to give my nipples a thorough inspection.

Mid-morning, my co-worker Mike hiked an eyebrow and said, “The bouncing Bolshevik Bears today?”

“Pardon?” I asked.

“Your boobs,” he pointed, unabashedly. “You seem to have sprung them free. And they are bouncing all over the place when you walk.”

“Oh god, can you tell?” I asked, horrified, as I wrapped an arm around my girls.

Like I said, I’m a C-cup. I really can’t imagine anyone with boobs bigger than mine doing this. Some women do this every single day, despite bouncing around D-cups (or larger).

I wouldn’t want to go braless on a first date. Too self-conscious. I wouldn’t want to do this on a job interview. Surely they would notice. I wouldn’t want to do this when going to visit family. Can’t hide it.

Here’s when it would be awesome: when traveling via plane! You know how us girls are always breaking out the yoga pants and the soft t-shirts when we head to the airport? We want to be comfortable, and we want to be able to sleep/nap. Braless definitely equals comfort and naps.

Maybe just because it was new, I was very aware of my boobs, and kept checking myself out every chance I got. Quick pee in the bathroom? Check out my boobies in the mirror. Nobody around when I’m sitting in my cubicle at work? Play with my nips for a second and feel them harden up. Easy access! I kind of like that part.

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