Braless Labor Day Special

Happy Labor Day to you, if you happen to live in the United States where we get random holidays for no reason. Let’s celebrate. We’ll go with some relatively artsy-fartsy stuff today, to make up for my stinky armpits, beer squirts, and general lack of sophistication in the non-virtual world.

braless helicopter picThis chick is standing on a helicopter because – well, why not? If you had a body like that, not only would you also wear a strappy thing that shows off your navel in a color like gray so that your giant nipples would poke out, you would also rock some wacky high-tops, some zip-off cargo pants, and a faux fur hoodie. Judging by her abs, this gal did not eat as many cherry pop-tarts as I did today. That’s good, cause when she jumps out of that helicopter, she’s going to want to be as light as possible.

braless porch picHey bay-beh, it’s me. The Braless Mastermind. Just call me BM for short. I’ve been staring I mean appreciating you all day. Would you mind shucking your jeans off? Mmm, thanks. Now how about tossing that bra of yours over the porch rail? What’s that, you say you just clobbered somebody on the head with a size-DD Victoria’s Secret projectile? No worries. If they come stomping up here banging on the door, you can answer it dressed just like that, and I suspect they will be 100% speechless. I am pretty sure your pokies could cut glass, and my oh my what a wonderful day it is.

braless bicycle picStill need more artsy stuff? I know, I know. You can’t get enough. Your therapist has a phrase for this, but let’s not worry about it right now. Let’s just enjoy this photo, shall we? Wow, what a beauty. Here she stands in this flowing dress with her pouty lips and her perky nips. (Hey, I think I’m rhyming.) Even through the halo of light glinting off her hair, and the carefully constructed bokeh effect which blurs the area outside of our focus, I can’t help but think dirty thoughts. Such as, hmm I wonder if she’s wearing any panties, and if not when is she going to climb on that bike seat? If she were to unbutton that little dress and then bounce around on that bike, I’m reasonably confident I would have an immediate wet dream.

braless smileSpeaking of art, you know the Mona Lisa right? This girl’s smile reminded me of the Mona Lisa. I think for centuries people have started at that painting trying to understand that little half-smile, and wondering what the secret was. In the case of our cute red-head here, I think we already know. In fact, she has a couple of apparent, very dirty secrets. She is way too busty to be going braless like that. She unsnapped the crotch of her lingerie. And last but not least, she isn’t wearing any panties. Wow what a hunny. I’m picturing those red lips doing all kinds of dirty things today.

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