Imperfect Braless Boobs

Imperfection. Let’s talk about it.

Honestly, I’m tired of perfect boobies. When I say “tired”, granted I won’t be kicking anybody out of my bed regardless of what kind of boobs they have. Well… unless they are hairy. I do not like hairy boobs. Other than that exception, I just mean the whole plastic surgery thing has been around for so long that I’ve gotten “used to” the perfectly round, perky boobs, and now I like more diversity.

A little droopy. Some projectile action. Yessir, sign me up.

I think that’s why the amateur thing is appealing. Celebs and models are yummy, let’s not front. But amateurs, with their more imperfect boobies, ring my bell these days.

So obviously, this post will be amateur focused. What’s that? Less talk and more action, you say? Get on with it, already?

potato chip cleavageWhile I cannot condone eating snacks in bed, as it tends to get mucho debris in the sheets and grosses me out, I certainly CAN condone enjoying delicious braless boobs while lounging and munching on potato chips. This girl has some massive hooters, and she doesn’t have to dip her chip into sour cream and onion goo to make me thing of other white liquids that need to be in the field of study. I think she might be wearing a romper, one of my new favorite words, articles of clothing, and future post topics here on BBlog. This girl’s boobs make me happy, bam there it is.

tanktop boob droopThis girl may be the epitome of Amateur Droop Action (ADA). Here she stands in her worn-out, stretched-out, thin white tanktop, large melons drooping and nipples pointed downward at ohhh I’d say about 15 degrees. The whole marlboro thing grosses me out, I think we can all agree smoking is a turn off. But we’re back to imperfect – yes she smells like an ashtray but she has big mojumbos that droop and sway and she’s ready to try and shake her ass in your lap like she’s in a MTV video. This kinda leaves me wondering if she’s wearing any panties underneath those sweatpants. But I guess that would be more of a topic for pantylessblog, haha.

cocktail pokiesNow I know this example has zero signs of droop, but this little cuties is imperfect due to size. I don’t routinely feature A-cup ladies on here, not because I don’t like them, but because, well, there is less to talk about. But my-my-my, look at the naughty gleam in this girl’s eye. She seems to be saying:
This is my third cocktail.
After I finish this one, I’m going to go into the bathroom and take my panties off.
I will primp in front of the mirror, reapply my lipstick, and then tweak my nipples.
When I return to our table, I know you’ll be mesmerized by my pokies.
As will the entire male population in this restaurant.
That’s ok. Keep staring boys.

braless pot scrubberI sincerely spend a lot of time thinking up file names for these braless gals. We should use the term “thinking” loosely – possibly it’s more like daydreaming with one hand in my lap? This is the “braless potscrubber”. Seriously, know idea what the hell she’s doing. I think she belongs on an infomercial or HSN selling some of that solution that you use to scrub your silverware and pots. Now that I mention it, that would be a fabulous marketing ploy. Have some unshowered gal with big floppy boobs and yellow rubber gloves demo your product on HSN so that all of the late night male shoppers won’t be able to click away. Your sales would probably increase by like 990%. I’m gonna try this. I’m gonna walk down to the dollar store, buy all of the pot scrubbing stuff they have, then hire a broke braless lady to sit on a street corner and sell it for me.

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