November Blah’s

Yeah, it’s November, and I feel blah. Not sure why, maybe it’s less sunlight and not enough Vitamin D. Or just never getting laid.

One sure pick-me-up: breastacles.

Yep, numerous health benefits, including lowering my blood pressure and pepping me right up. I’ve tried to hit a few different topics lately, with some celeb stuff and some serious video action. But allow me to pick through my (alarmingly large) collection of hottie photos and describe in detail just what they are doing to me.

seatbelt boobiesSometimes it’s hard not to stare. Like when you climb into a girl’s car, and she’s busty, and she has on a white top with no bra, and her seatbelt is carving her boobies up and making her nips poke out. My advice to you: just think about baseball. Certainly you should *not* think about her boobs bouncing around every time she hits a pothole. Or you’re gonna end up with a woodrow in your britches.

white pokiesI don’t know what’s more erotic here, that bathingsuit full of boobies, or the way those hips and that crotch are popping out and grabbing my eyeballs. If we sit here and wait long enough, entropy will drag that zipper down tooth by tooth until her melons are approaching the very zenith of exposure. We might all be dead by then, but dang we can hope. The way those girls are all squashed in there, I’m kinda daydreaming that they are natural, but I shouldn’t jump to conclusions.

closet pokiesWe should probably insist that a new movie come out this year around Christmas. Screw the next Star Wars installment, this one would be Closet Pokies. It would be a documentary style flic that follows gals around showing off their busts in absurdly packed closets. It would be a little like a cross between MTV Cribs and Wives of Orange County. This nipplish young lady is getting a head start – getting some practice in before casting starts. She has some little brown raisins under there that I would love to snack on.

store pokiesAnother piece of advice for you, bro. Stop screwing around, wasting your money and tainting your liver in bars. The *new* place to pick up chicks is in the greeting card aisle. See this chick? Yep, she’s picking out a card for her dad. She has daddy issues, and you very much need to help her with them. It’s possible she has a bra on, which is antithetical to the bralessblog way. I can kinda see something through that v-neck shirt. But who cares, those nipples are just tantalizing. I think she may have a small bottle of mouthwash in her other hand. All the more reason to plant one on her lips, my friend.

You may remember that last November we covered a topic that is quite rare in the bralessworld: elephants. Yeah, I suspect that isn’t something that’s gonna come up on a routine basis! If I got back to November of 2014, I see we have a thoroughly enjoyable video in the wayback machine. God bless and keep slowmo.

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