December 10’s

I know December is the twelfth month, but for my loyal visitors I will posting only tens today. You are welcome in advance.

candybar nipsLet me tell ya’ll what I would do if I were in charge of marketing a chocolate bar. Step number one, forget about women. All women are crazy about chocolate. Why waste money marketing to them? They are going to go berserk and buy your shit anyway, so who cares. Market only to men. And if you want to market to men, use boobies. It’s a scientific fact. All dudes respond to boobs. Even gay guys. It’s impossible to resist. It’s like a siren call. Not gonna look, not gonna look – wait, boobs? – LOOK! I might even use a branded t-shirt and some pokies like we see here.

braless foilThere are lots of cool things about hanging around BralessBlog. One of the many is the fact that you never know WTF you’re going to see. Liiiiike an insanely hot chick with curves like BAM! pretty much hanging out inside her apartement in what appears to be gold foil body art. Look, I’m no expert on trendy-cool stuff, I eat cheetohs and pick my nose for a living. Maybe lots of rich hotties get decorated like this? This is one of those photos you want to blow up to max resolution and study in fine, gory detail. There is so much to look at. Um, like her crotch. Her breastacles are rather shapely too.

bikini boobsOne has to appreciate women with big bazonkas who keep themselves pretty. I realize sometimes the busty gals tend to be a bit pudgy too. Ain’t no matter: get after it boy. Those green eyes are kind of intoxicating. And if that isn’t enough to prompt you to propose marriage, the thought of motorboating those twin girls will be. Please don’t fall for it, though. All motoroboating fun ends shortly after marriage. Truth.

green dress cleavageI’ll admit, it was a little tough to decide which photo to post next. Cause really, I got a million of them. I thought why not introduce my little friend the Green Dress Lady. God bless her very natural, very dense double-D boobs. Although we seem them here all squashed up in a black lacy bra, we can certainly imagine what they would be like bumping and bouncing along in some pajamas. Perhaps you noticed that she unbuttoned that dress allll the way down? Yeah, we’re not talking about the top two buttons here. She popped every single button, because she knows we care about her gorgeous cleavage, and she cares that we care. Life fees great right about now. Possibly because I just heard Santa is going to come visit me. But mostly because of Green Dress Lady being generous with her bosoms.

wedding dress pokiesYa’all know I love me some wedding dresses. Not like the veil and the train and the thing the bride wears, I’m talking about dresses worn to weddings in general. I’m too lazy to go link to some previous posts on the site, but if you’re a frequent reader you know all about them. I’m reasonably confident that’s what we’re looking at here. These two galls look too shipper and catty and confident to not be at a wedding. They are not married, they are glad their best friend is getting married, and most of all they are glad they dragged their boyfriends along because now that the wedding has put them in a very romantic mood they are gonna get a little tipsy and hump their brains out. The braless look in the silky gowns is like icing on the (wedding) cake.

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