Braless Misadventures

One of our readers named Michaela submitted this braless story. I hope you enjoy it!

Four months of saving every penny, working extra shifts, and running on no sleep, it all led up to this night. To this silky and skin-tight dress with a plunging neckline threatening to expose her to the world.

Michaela was ready to make a name for herself. It was the biggest night in the marketing world, a ceremony of the Boston’s most elite, and she had somehow won herself the role of her company’s representative.

For 6 years she had played hardball with the boys, clawing her way up the ladder, and tonight in that dress she was going to show them who she really was. Dateless maybe, but there are always sacrifices on the road to greatness.

The dress fit like a glove, hugging the curves of her body with fiery red silk. She had to go braless, which made her feel liberated, and as she stepped down from the limo and out into the blustery November night, her confidence was at its peak. She was a man-eater, taking no prisoner as she strolled along the entrance way. This was her night, or at least she thought until she felt a hand on the small of her back.

Jumping a bit she whipped her head around to see the arrogant smirk that belonged to Boston’s most eligible bachelor himself, Ian Garcia. She gasped slightly when his eyes, emerald green like she has never seen before, locked hers. He was perfect, from his chiseled jawline to his Ferragamo shoes. “Hey Mick,” he said just above a whisper. She felt the hair on her arms stand up as the warmth of his breathe cascaded down the nape of her neck. This was exactly what wasn’t supposed to happen tonight. Michaela had avoided this moment for 7 years, since the last night of grad school and the last time she heard his voice. Damn, that voice. “Ian, how are you,” she asked, trying to sound unattached. Play it cool girl, she urged herself, don’t let him see you squirm. “Me? I’m good, but that’s mostly because I’m looking at one of my favorite parts of you” he replied with a snicker, nudging his eyes towards her chest. The combination of wind and movement had pushed the edge of the deep plunge over, exposing the bud of her nipple for anyone to see. No, no, no she thought as she frantically adjusted the dress. Michaela’s face flushed to the color of her dress, and her mind was racing with plans for a quick escape from this mortifying situation. “Don’t be embarrassed” his hand inching a bit lower down her back, “you look sexy as all hell.”

Ian was a drug she had broken the habit from a million times. In Highschool, with his letterman jacket sneaking through her bedroom window, to college nights bent over the bathroom sink at their favorite dive bar. It was never a relationship, there were never dates or meeting the family, but there were nights of mind-blowing passion, lips sucking skin in a post-study drunken haze. Every detail was washing over Michaela, sending blood racing down to parts of her she planned to keep far away from him. No matter how many times she had tried to get away, she always ran back to him like a needle to a vein. Until 7 years ago, a night just like this one, when she told him she wanted more. He didn’t call her again. Years of learning every single inch of each other’s bodies, and then nothing.

“Thanks for the heads up, it was nice to see you, but I have to get inside.” She regretted her word choice immediately.

“Ya Mick, me too.” His lips were inches from her ear and she couldn’t fight the shiver that shot down her spine.

“This isn’t happening” the words barely making it out of her mouth before gasping for air.

“I think you forget where this thing ended. You ghosted me, darling, you don’t get to go inside anything but that building right there to find your own seat, far away from me.” She had turned around and started towards the door before he had the chance to respond.

The night was just as spectacular as she imagined. Over the top décor, rich executives throwing their money around like confetti, and men lining up to network with Michaela. She felt like a queen as she plowed through the line, with welcoming hellos and business cards flying from every direction. The dress combined with her impressive resume and confident demeanor was winning the night entirely. When she was finally able to break away for a moment, she sat down and threw back her entire glass of Pino Grigio, and immediately

motioned to the waitress for another. As she waited, she scanned the room, doing her best to pretend she wasn’t looking for Ian.

“Is this seat taken?” she jumped, startled by the deep, unfamiliar voice. He stood at least 6’ tall, raven black hair and eyes that matched. “I’m Jeff, I’ve been watching you work this room all night, and I must say I am impressed.” Every one of his features was perfect like he had been chiseled by hand by the Greek Gods. The waitress dropped another glass of wine in front of her and she drank it just as fast, before smiling back at him.

“I’m Michaela, the seat is yours if you want it.” Her reply fell from her lips in a stutter, the wine was getting to her head. Jeff grinned and pulled out the chair, but Michaela stopped him placing her hand on his.

“Or, we could go for a walk.” His eyebrows raised slightly, and he pushed the chair back in quickly, grabbing her hand and pulling her to her feet. Jeff looked her over from head to toe, and Michaela saw his pants tighten as he licked his lips ever so slightly.

“Let’s go” she whispered and guiding him to the door, making sure to pass Ian as they left.

Jeff’s hands were strong as he lifted Michaela up onto the sink. The thing about events like this, there were always private bathrooms in the back. His lips trailed down her neck, breathing heavy as he bit the nape. It was hot and the fuzzy feeling in Michaela’s mind was scrambling all of her thoughts together. What the hell was she doing? “Stop, stop, I’m sorry just…stop” she said pushing his gorgeous body away from hers. “What’s wrong?” he asked, with a tone of annoyance that she couldn’t ignore. “This is a bad idea, I’m sorry, too much wine I can’t think straight.” She slithered off the sink and out of his grasp. “Dammit, what am I supposed to do with this,” he said grabbing at his crotch. He was aggravated, horny, and sporting a major hard-on. “I…I’m sorry.” “Just get the hell out of here, coming here dressed like a whore, making men crazy. Enjoy being a stereotype” he finished, pushing her back and out the door. She fell onto the floor and looked around. No one saw anything, she thanked God and pulled herself up off the ground. This is not how the night was supposed to end up. “Mick?” dammit, dammit, dammit. “Mick, what are you doing back here? You can barely stand, come here.” Ian walked towards her putting his arm around her waist and pulling her in close. “I’m fine, I’m fine. A couple too many glasses, you know how I get” she giggled, and for a moment she forgot how much she hated him. “Let me walk you to the limo,” he said squeezing her side gently, “This thing is getting lame anyways, I was just about to leave.”

Michaela let her body relax in his arms, the familiar feeling set her anxieties aside. They waited for the limo to arrive, both silent and wrapped up in the electric waves running through their bodies. She may have hated him, but god damn Michaela wanted Ian. She knew he wanted her too, but he knew better than to make a move. Would it really be so bad to give into temptation, she thought to herself as she moved her hand down his stomach slowly. The booze haze had lifted, replaced by a desperate need to feel Ian’s body on hers. He looked over at her, confused and hesitant. “Mick, you don’t want this” his voice filled with genuine concern. The limo pulled to the curb and she grabbed the belt of his pants. “I do, I really, really do” she hummed, tugging him towards the limo. “I just…” he started but she put a finger up to his lips. “Shut up and come make me forget about all the shit that happened before.” He exhaled heavily, his pupils blown and the look of passion piercing through her soul. They couldn’t get the door to the limo opened fast enough.

Ian’s hands desperately moved up Michaela’s leg as they sat in silence driving to her apartment. Neither wanted to speak, in fear of stopping what was inevitably about to happen. Her body tingled under his fingertips, as they crept higher with each passing second. “Shit…” she mumbled under her breath, inches away from losing control and taking him into her right here in this limo. She heard the brakes squeal, and she anxiously glanced out the window; they were there. She pushed Ian towards the door and hopped out, thanking the limo driver and throwing a $20 into the driver side window. “I thought that ride would never end,” Ian said, his need heavy in his voice as he crashed his lips to hers. Ian picked her up, lips never parting, and moved towards the apartment door. His tongue darted through her slightly parted lips and caressed hers. She bit his bottom lip, hard enough she was sure to draw blood. The anger of the past mixed with the passion of this moment, she wanted to taste it, and so she bit down again. “Fuck Mick, how the hell do you open this door.” He panted and she snickered. He let her down hesitantly and she searched her bag for the keys. As soon as the door was unlocked, Ian picked her up again and moved like lightning into the room.

Ian’s lips moved their way down her neck, setting her body ablaze. He nibbled at the nape of her neck, dragging his warm tongue across her collarbone. She wrapped her legs around his waist, feeling his hard dick against her center. Grinding slowly against it, she drew a helpless groan from the depths of his throat. “I want you, fuck I want you” he moaned as his lips made it to her chest. He pulled aside the dress with the ever so low neckline, using just his teeth. Her chest lay exposed, nipples hard and aching to be touched. Ian stared for a moment as if he was in awe of what he saw. His lips returned to her skin, licking the outline of her breast, and then taking the nipple into his mouth in one breath. She whimpered as his tongue flicked the bid slowly, then sucking it into his mouth.

Her body was shaking, despite all the time that passed, he still knew exactly what she liked. Even more so as his teeth bit down roughly. Fuck. Fuck. She could feel her pussy dripping as he gnawed and sucked. His cock pressed up against her, harder than ever. She pushed him off her, and onto his back so that she could straddle his manhood. “Mick, fuck you feel so good. I need to be inside of you baby” he panted, thrusting up towards her as she nibbled at the lobe of her ear. “Not yet” she replied, ripping his shirt open, buttons flying. She didn’t care that shirt probably cost more than her month’s rent, and at that moment he didn’t either.

Michaela ran her fingers down Ian’s bare stomach in amazement. She needed to taste him. He squirmed as he felt her lips begin to kiss their way down his pecs, sucking lightly and driving him insane. She could feel the twitch from beneath his pants and smiled. “You want me so bad, don’t you baby?” she asked taunting him. “I want you now,” he managed to get out in labored breaths. “Mmm,” Michaela hummed, continuing down his chest, “you’ve been a bad boy, Ian. As much as I want to nibble on the tip of that 8 inches I know you’re packing, what makes you think you deserve that?” Her laugh was almost cynical, and Ian started to beg for her. “Please baby, I’ll do anything. I need to have you, let me make it up to you.” He was stammering over words, so eager to plunge deep inside of her that he would have promised her a trip to Mars if it meant he could feel her warmth wrapped around him. She smiled and stood up in a hurry. Ian’s eyes fell, and she could tell that she had him. “Show me how bad you want it then.”

Michaela unzipped the side of her dress finally freeing herself entirely. She stood there, looking like a pin-up model, with the most beautiful ass Ian had ever laid eyes on. She knew that too. At this moment, in her apartment naked and sending Ian to the brink, then reeling him right back in, she felt invincible. His eyes were wide, screaming at her. “Let me taste you, let me make you cum,” he pleaded, and it wasn’t an offer she would ever refuse. As Ian tried to pull himself up, she held him down with her hand on his chest. “Don’t move anything but that tongue,” she instructed and then straddled herself over his face, just far enough away that his mouth could just barely graze her wetness. “Please, please let me taste it.” The sound of Ian begging for her was the sexiest thing she had ever heard, and as much as she enjoyed playing hard to get, the aching was getting hard to ignore. She lowered herself and immediately shockwaves ran through. His tongue circled her clit, and she couldn’t hold back the moan bubbling from her throat. “That feels so good, Ian. Does that pussy taste good baby?” she loved talking dirty to him, she knew it drove him to the edge. He moaned underneath her sending vibrations through her slit. The feeling building in her stomach took over her body and she lost control of herself, screaming obscene words and riding his face with fury. Climbing closer to her peak, she shifted control, somehow allowing Ian to grab her by the waist and lift her up off of his lips. He flipped her on her back against the bed. He was ravenous, there was no more helplessness, just lust. He was getting what he came here for, and Michaela was too far gone to resist anymore. “Fuck me.” She screamed as he peeled off his dress pants and underwear, setting free the huge cock that she had dreamt about countless times in the past 7 years. Ian was gifted in that department, and he knew how to use it. Grabbing Michaela’s ankles, he threw her legs back bending her in half, and opening her up all at the same time. He took a minute to admire the beautiful holes, touching one, and then the other. She was gushing, hurting for release, and now she was the one begging to be fucked into oblivion. Ian wasn’t as good at hard to get as she was however, and after just a few seconds of admiration he lined his dick up and slowly pushed the tip inside of her. “Oh my, shit baby I need more,” she pleaded with him, trying to push herself forward but he had her locked in place. He pushed a little deeper, shuttering with every inch. When he bottomed out, they both wailed. Michaela dug her fingers into Ian’s back dragging them down making sure to leave marks. He returned the favor by sucking into her neck, harder with every thrust.

“You feel so good Mick, you’re so tight, baby. I’m close.” She could hear his completion creeping forward in his voice, and she was desperate to hold on to just a few more moments of earth-shattering goodness before he walked out the door. She struggled to get her legs loose from his grasp, and when she did she pushed his mid-section away, slow enough to tantalize him. She turned around and got down on her elbows and knees, legs spread apart far enough for Ian to fit comfortably. She loved the way Ian’s dick felt entering her from the back. Reaching a hand back she cupped his balls, squeezing gentle but enough to make him groan. “You look even better from here Mick.” He plowed his dick inside of her leaving no delay in the transition. Each thrust was harder, faster, and closer to sending Michaela over the edge. Ian wasn’t playing around anymore. As he pounded into her his body shook, and Michaela knew he was about to lose it too. He wrapped her hair in his fingers, tugging her head back and forcing a scream out of her that she had never even heard before. “I’m gonna cum,” he wailed, pulling her head back further. Michaela let herself go, moaning hard as the wave ran through her entire body.

They both collapsed on the bed, laughing and gasping for air. “I’ve thought about that for so long, Mick, I’ve missed every single inch of you.” He sounded so sincere that she almost considered letting the past be the past. “I missed you too.” She said back and sprawled herself out. Ian had found his spot and his eyes were already closed. He looked like the most beautiful man she had ever had the pleasure of looking at, never mind having sex with. For a fleeting moment, she thought that she could stay there naked in his arms, and allow her walls to crumble. That moment was short lived. Michaela thought about the past 7 years, and what she had accomplished after pulling herself up off the ground where he left her. Maybe he was different now, but he was most likely just the same. So she nudged him and waited for his eyes to open. “Hey, Ian I’m sorry to be a pain but I have a really crazy day tomorrow, and honestly I can’t have you sleeping here. I called you an Uber, he should be here in five.”

Ian sat up looking surprised. “So wait, you want me to leave. Even after that? And the sessions I can promise you all night?” he laughed differently now, softer. “No, I really just need you to go. I’m sorry. This wasn’t supposed to happen.” She looked down, scared to make contact with those green eyes that pierced her soul. Ian gathered his clothes, throwing on the articles sloppily. When Michaela looked up he was still there. “I’m going.” He smiled at her. “Just know I’m not going to let you go that easily. I want you like I used to have you. You know I always get what I want in the end.” He leaned in and kissed her, then headed towards the door. This time she had asked him to leave because she would never allow herself to be left again. This was the last time. She was 50% sure that this was the last time.

The End

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