Braless Video Roundup

I have picked through one zillion youtube videos to provide you with the most entertaining braless and boob-related action this side of Mars. Drumroll please…

1) This video has been viewed over a million times. And I can see why. The gal with the gigantic DD-boobs who comes bouncing out at 3:24 just cannot be contained by a mere lace bra. She needs something strong like steel, plus maybe an ace bandage to strap those puppies down. Big hooters at 5:00. Then at 5:24 my angel returns, and this time she stomps so much those boobs almost give her a black eye.

2) This chicka is doing an ice-bucket challenge. That’s all fine and good, but she happens to be doing it braless in a white tanktop. Now listen, we all know what happens when white tanktops get wet. You have to think she did this on purpose. She was just dying to show off those nips. She’s not bad looking, and she’s in pretty good shape.

3) Some great pokies on this short-haired gal in a white dress. She might possibly have a bra on, and if so her nips just rip right through it much like our crowd favorite Jennifer Aniston.

4) This is another ice bath challenge thing. Girl gets some rock hard nips. That’s a tough way to earn some boobies views. I would experience some serious shrinkage.

5) Gigantic Japanese boobie cleavage. This ain’t bad. Enjoy.

6) Finally, some tennis boobs! You don’t want to go too long without getting a gander at some sweaty tennis court pokies. This little blondie is built with a big rack, but I sure do enjoy staring.

7) A ta-ta towel. 9.5 million viewers cannot be wrong. We should watch this. With our hands in our pants.

8) Some squashed-together boobies in sportsbras. Loving the workout, ladies!

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