The Top 5 Reasons Why Anamaria Dodan’s Boobs Astonish Me

Even if you’ve never heard of her, you are about to be mesmerized. Anamaria Dodan apparently never wears a bra, and she has gigantic boobies.

Information is scarce on this hunny, so let me do us all a (perverted) service and sketch up a quick bio:
Anamaria is 5’1″ tall
She weighs 118 lbs (a significant portion is upstairs)
Her breasts are all-natural F-cups
She is Romanian
She models

Wait, were you thinking I would write a book? Well think again, cuz I’m too busy staring at her cleavage to be factual. She loves posting photos of her boobies to her instagram account. I’m somewhat surprised that as of today only 69k horny dudes like me are following her.

She smiles a lot. I would too, if I looked like that. I don’t know much about Romania. Maybe it’s a cool place to live, and people are super-happy and don’t need anti-depressants and smile 24/7 there. Without further ado, here are

The Top 5 Reasons Anamaria Dodan’s Boobs Astonish Me

5) They stick straight out. Now, I realize they droop a little, which is counter-intuitive to the whole premise behind #5. But take this picture as an example. See how her breasts press so mightily against her t-shirt? These aren’t pancake/flapjack boobs here, bro. They are quite conical and quite levered out from her body and it drives me wild. Getting my hands on these girlies would be like a pirate finding lost treasure.

4) Her nipples are never soft. And by that I mean even when she’s asleep. She has permapokies. A black shirt typically hides things pretty well, but here she is standing beside her car practically shredding her shirt with her nipples. This only increase the need I feel to see her nekkid.

For all I know, her nipples are hard even when she is relaxed and asleep in bed. Is there any kind of operation you can have to make your nips stand at attention all the time? Do women do that? According to the viagra commercials, an erection lasting more than four hours can cause damage. What if a woman’s nipples are erect for more than four hours? Any concerns there?

3) They are all natural and huge. There, I said it. I know I preach about the equality of all boobs, and how small boobs are just as awesome as big boobs. But c’mon, we all know a giant pair of hooters makes a man’s heart sing. And mine sings real loud looking at her chesticles.

I started to create a new category just for Anamarie. I mean, what do we call her? My braless D-cup category just isn’t large enough to contain her, if you get what I mean. I guess we could file her under amateur pokies, but she models and I’m pretty sure she gets paid which means she’s not an amateur.

2) She is constantly braless. Seriously, it is hard to find a picture of this chick where she is wearing a bra and has her pokie nipples covered up. In cases where I do find that, I have to assume it was an accident. She does not like wearing bras, for which I am enormously grateful. Thank goodness she’s young, because boobs that big that are so frequently unsupported will eventually get saggish. Let’s hope I’m still around when that happens.

1) She likes showing them off. I like candids and “oops” moments as much as the next guy. And sometimes I like demure women. But ya gotta love a chick who has big giant boobs and likes to show them off. I bet her boyfriend sits across from her in KFC like in this photo and can’t help but think dang woman, could you just put those things away for five minutes so we could eat in peace without horny dudes harassing us?

But she won’t. She can’t. It brings her joy to flash those things around. And frankly, it brings me joy too.

At least for now, it seems difficult to find any videos of Anamaria. Here are a couple from Youtube. I realize she isn’t half-naked, bouncing around, or particularly prevalent in these, but hey I’m doing what I can:

Update 2:
You probably needed to see this…

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