DulceyJohn’s Boobs Are the Best Because…

I realize she’s not exactly “mainstream”, so you may not recognize Dulcey by her screename (DulceyJohn).

Yes, these internet babez are a dime a dozen. You can’t throw a hat in a dark room without hitting like three of them who think they will be the world’s next biggest social influencer.

However, Dulcey is different. I don’t wanna sound like I’m in love, but I’m about to dust all the Cheetoh crumbs off my belly and take my first shower of the week and see if I can convince her to go out for a Taco Bell date with me.

I’m going to talk about her boobs in just a second, trust me. First I want to talk about her eyes. Those blue eyes knock my socks off and make my hair stand on end. She is very animated, making goofy faces, sticking her tongue out, crossing her eyes. That’s kind of endearing. And her rolling her eyes around like that just draws my attention to them and makes me woozy. Now that I think about it, her blue eyes makes me think about Lynda Carter, aka the *real* Wonder Woman.

She is definitely attractive, but she isn’t Barbie Doll impossibly hot. More like the lady next door hot. Like that chick you saw at the grocery store in the frozen pizza aisle who tripped and fell and laughed at herself and made you want to marry her.

And holy shit: those boobs. I’m guessing those things are like DD’s? And they are very, very natural. She of course had the gift of those boobies her whole life, so she knows how to use them. Braless with her pokies pushing against her shirt, drooping and wobbling with a loose shirt giving a downblouse, the whole nine yards. And she is not, repeat NOT shy about pinching those nips.

She has a natural goddam talent for the boobie shake. Not just anybody can do that right. If she is sitting around at the pool, or walking in a store, or riding in the car, she somehow gets her girls wobbling and bouncing and… it… drives… mecrazy.

Some ladies seem to have cleavage and some don’t. Dulcey’s cleavage, godblessher, is ever present. You just can’t escape from that boobie-crack, and why would you want to?

Her body in general is yummy. She is no stick-figure. She has a few extra pounds on her, but all in the right places. Her tummy is flat, but not ripped, which is definitely my kind of cake. Her mamma gave her some damn fine genetics.

Yes, she gets nekkid. Yes, she does nasty things to herself. I’ve always kept BralessBlog pretty much R-rated, intended for adults, and perverted, and raunchy, but not over the top and rarely even nude. I personally enjoy checking Dulcey out. But if you don’t want to see adult nude stuff, maybe you should just keep your clicky fingers away.

She has been known to do kinky things outdoors or in public where people can see her. And since that’s just a numbers games, eventually she ends up getting caught. I swear this girl has nerves of steel. It’s like zero F’s given, she just carries on with her business, even after getting busted. I guess there’s some definite sexism there. If a dude gets caught doing nasty stuff in public, he is labeled a criminal and tossed in jail. If a hot chick is caught, well that just makes her hotter and possibly voted as a national treasure.


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