Four Hot Braless Brunettes Guaranteed to Make Your Undies Tight

You know what we need more of around here? Some goldarn hotass brunettes, that’s what. And that’s what I’m gonna deliver. Try to be cool and not drool and keep yo hands off your tool…

braless driverJimminy Christmas on a toast stick, is this chick hot enough to melt your left flip-flop or what? It’s not just her body, which by the way is illegal in forty-two states and deserves it’s own memorial. That sultry look. Like: c’mere big boy and let me check out your shifter stick.

I’m not that big on pierced nipples cause they get in the way of my teeth. I like to nibble ya know. Although I like the way M&M’s clink on my teeth, I do not like the way nipple jewelry scratches my enamel. But this girl is such *the whole package* that I can forgive her. Also, can we take out the piercings? I mean, that wouldn’t cause her nipples to fall off or anything would it??

brunette cleavageGiant cleavage like this is good for your health. It lowers your blood pressure and makes you exercise. And by exercise I mean… yeah… that thing you do to yourself when nobody’s watching.

Seriously, is this glorious or what? God bless these gals with great boobs and the sense to show them off. They are seriously doing the world a favor. They are doing me a favor. What would I want to look at more than boobies? Nothing! That question has an easy answer.

braless cutieOn an entirely different playing field than Ms. Giant Cleavage is this little braless cutie.

My my my, how do you like that smile? The way that she has those chubby little boobs slung into that top is only accentuated by the dangly, sparkly necklace she has casually positioned between them. I like it. I’d marry her. It’s decided. Let me run to Wal-Mart and buy a ring.

brunette pokiesThis girl was at a party jibber-jabbering when her hot friend, who had clearly consumed too much alcohol, walked up to her and pinched both of her nipples through this thin blue tanktop.

Now she could have reacted in several different ways. She could have
a) Slapped her friend and said “You’re drunk! Stay off my nipples and quit harassing me!”
b) Moaned and said “Oooh baby, don’t stop that. You know I feel that all the way down in my special spot.”
or c) Given the camera the crazy eye and promised to flex hat appears to be rather toned arms and shoulders in cracking heads if the naughtiness continued.

If you think I’ve delivered on my promised to point out four brunettes who are flopping braless and guaranteed to make your johnson grow and your undies shrink, just clap one-handed or maybe leave a comment.

In the meantime, feel free to check out the rather absurd sideboob action from Micaela Schaefer. PS – she is a brunette and I thought that post was really damn witty from the 2013 time machine.

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