5 Reasons This Braless Ride Makes Me Craaaazy

I kind of think this braless video is perfect. Why, you ask? Well let me list the ways…

1. This girl is cute. She’s very smiley, kind of nervous. She is gripping the handles hard enough to break something. At one point, just before the ride launches, she bites her lip. Mmmm. Cute teeth, cute eyes, cute hair.
2. She has a nice rack. I’m guessing those are c-cups? They would look bigger if she had a bra on that was squeezing them up to her eyebrows, so we have to account for gravity.
3. There’s a bit of anticipation as the video gets rolling. I like the strong lead up, followed up by several minutes of action. A short clip is just fine, but it’s nice to have several minutes to stare and glare hahahaha
4. This is actually a “downblouse“, wouldn’t you agree? No boobie view is a bad one, but this angle might be my fave!
5. Once they launch, we are treated to plenty of jiggles and wiggles. I mean, this is the bralessblog after all, and we all love to see boobies bouncing around.

I kind of want to see the rest of her. If she is wearing stretch pants, it might lead to a whole different category!

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