Daily Braless Video #4 – Her Bathing Suit Turns See-Through

Jeezum crow.

There is a reason this girl already has 347k views in four days. It’s because her body is impossibly nextdoor neighbor cute.

I might be stretching things a little there, because I ain’t never had no nextdoor neighbor this hot. Truth be told, you will probably need to watch the video on mute, because her “Oh-my-god!” Valleygirl voice is too annoying to listen to. But wowzers, that body is more than enough to make up for it.

I like her hair pulled up into those little knots. I like her makeup that says natural beauty is for suckers, I’m here to make you horny baybee. I like her hips. I like her flat tummy and her gropeable ass. And I definitely, 100%, for sure like those tits and those nipples.

She keeps covering them up every time one of her swimsuit try-ons turn see-through. I guess she has to in order to keep the youtube nannies off her case. But it looks like she is smart enough to have several income streams. She has a premium youtube channel, an onlyfans account, etc. Oddly enough, she lists a mailing address related to Carlotta Champagne, who I haven’t mentioned here on the blog since 2012.

I think they are b-cups. What’s your opinion?

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