Desperate Braless Gals

Boy howdy, gals these days are desperate for attention.

The need to feel important, and validated. Hey, don’t we all. But you have this certain subset are doing that exclusively off their appearance. There was the period of time where a young lady had to get a college degree and a solid 9 to 5 job to consider herself successful. Nowadays, there’s Instagram and Onlyfans and global influencer stuff going on.

This pretty little hunny decided she just couldn’t be happy until she pierced her nipples and got her hair highlighted.

Do you think she carefully curated a selection of low-cut tops until she found just the right one that would display 100% of her cleavage, while also allowing those pierced pokies to shine through!

Her smile says something to me. Maybe “I’m a dirty girl”?

And this chunky babe is trying so hard.

They used to make fun on her on the school bus for having a big nose and a wide ass. But here she is, making a living off of modeling.

Well, maybe modeling isn’t terribly accurate. She has a $6,000 collection of sextoys, and she’s so well-practiced at fake orgasming and squirting that she could pass a lie detector test.

But she sure is pretty, and I’m digging those braless sideboobs.

If there is one sure way of getting attention, it’s screwing around in a store with your boobies halfway hanging out.

And if you really want to take it to the extreme, do that in a hardware store, where 90% of the clientele are dudes.

This blondie just about started a riot. She has that high waisted short skirt pulled up to show her yummy thighs, and that tanktop is to tight I can see every pore on her nipples.

I’m sure this got a bazillion likes on her social media channel.

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