Bras in Space

There’s a website call Quora that constantly pings me with random questions and answers from the interwebz. They know I’m a pervert, and frequently send me perverted stuff (go figure).

Here’s a recent, relevant post:

Question: Do female astronauts wear bras in space?

Answer via Robert Frost, works at NASA:

Astronauts spend more than two hours a day exercising. A lot of that time is running on a treadmill. Even though there is no noticeable pull from gravity, there is still inertia. So while they are running on the treadmill, their rib cage is constantly changing its direction of motion and other more delicate parts are resisting those changes. That’s a lot of stress, so sports bras are commonly used during exercise. When not exercising, it is up to the preference of the individual astronauts and not really our business.

It would be a great time to post up some photos of busty astronauts. But let me tell ya, that’s hard to find. Many of the female astronauts weren’t selected for their fine looks, and they don’t seem to post a lot of photos of them in skimpy attire.

Regardless, I’m happy to sit around and think of braless boobies floating around on spaceships…

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