Ebanie Bridges Proves Boobs and Boxing Mix Well

While I certainly enjoy watching chicks duke it out while wearing skimpy attire, I have to admit I don’t like seeing their faces all banged up and bruised.

I don’t think I’ve ever covered a female boxer here on BB. Gina Carano is probably the closest thing to boxing, but she was a mixed martial artist.

Regardless, Ebanie Bridges has boobs that are certainly worth taking a look at.

She is an Australian boxer who makes as many waves flashing her goodies around as she does pounding other chicks. We can be 100% sure they are enhanced.

She started out at a young age in karate, then trained in kickboxing and muay thai. Then she started in bodybuilding. Although she makes her money these days teasing titties for voracious fans, she happens to have a bachelor’s degree in mathematics.

She’s only 5’1″ tall, so she’s a tiny thing, with big hooters. As of right now, she’s 36 years old, so she’s approaching cougar territory.

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