Bianca Censori Boobs

Okay, you would be correct to say I am not a follower of Ye or Kanye or whateverthehell he’s calling himself these days. However, I am now a devoted follower of his ladyfriend Bianca Censori.

If this lady’s boobs stuck out in front of her any further they would be declared a national treasure, and Nicolas Cage would make a movie about them.

Bianca is from Australia. She’s around 28 years old, which means my buddy Kanye who is 46 is definitely robbing the cradle. Apparently she was an architect at Kanye’s company before he spotted her and began frothing at the mouth and begging her to let him shine her boots.

Some may question her sanity for being hooked up (married to?) Tha Dude, but she has a Masters degree in Architecture which means she has plenty of brain cells.

Her Instagram account goes online line and then disappears more frequently than the tide at Miami Beach. It’s up right now, but only shows 79k followers, suggesting it hasn’t been active for very long. With a body like that, she’s going to have plenty of fans going gaga over her every post.

Apparently she is really into oddball fashion. She’s frequently seen wearing some weird stuff.

And she’s definitely not shy. She bounces those DD boobs all over the place, and is happy for all to see.

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