Amanda Anisimova Brings the Tennis Boobs The World Has Been Waiting For

Although men’s sports are typically more popular and bring more viewers than women’s sports, tennis is one of the exceptions to that rule.

One reason is: boobs. Or to put that differently, female tennis players are typically pretty hot, and/or they have fabulous bodies, and dudes like to watch them run around on the court.

Amanda Anisimova has brought some new attention to the game of tennis, that’s for sure.

She has gigantic boobs. We’ve covered a few of the hotter tennis babes before, but Amanda may be the bustiest.

Apparently she recently took a break from the sport because she was being “trolled for having big boobs”. I’m sure when kids are young, they make fun of pretty much anything. But once you’re an adult, do women seriously get made fun of for having big juicy hooters? I would think that’s an asset rather than a liability.

I guess I can understand why having massive mammaries to tow around the tennis court might not be ideal from an athletic perspective, but I would guess Amanda has more opportunities to get lucrative sponsorship contracts because of those yummy boobs.

Speaking of which, I think she’s sponsored by all the big names, like Wilson, Gatorade, Nike, etc.

Amanda is 22 years old right now, is 5’11” tall, and has won over $4 million dollars in price money. She grew up in Jersey, and has been playing tennis since she was a toddler.

Video showing some of her moves and her body…

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