Model Penny Lane’s Boobs are Launching Her to Stardom

There is a model bursting onto the scene named Penny Lane that you need to know about.

Yes, they are huge. And yes, they are natural.

She claims in an interview that for years she starved herself trying to stay thin for modeling. Then she started eating a healthier diet, and not exercising herself to death, and BAM! she grew boobs.

She says they are double-GG’s. Think about that for a second. We may need a new category here on BralessBlog just to address Penny’s massive boobs. GG-cup boobs are pretty rare, especially attached to such a gorgeous, stunning creature.

She has been doing a bunch of modeling recently, and even won the Sports Illustrated Rookie of the year award in 2024.

She has around 332k followers on her Instagram right now. I’m sure that will increase drastically as more perverts like us discover her.

She doesn’t have an OnlyFans account, but believe me she will. She’s probably making ok money modeling, and having fun traveling the world, but soon she’s going to realize she can make several million a year flashing those girls around and she will pull the trigger.

She seems to be pulling a scuba knife out of the sheath on her leg in this photo, but it’s hard to really focus on anything other than those huge natural boobs dangling and wiggling in that bikini top…

After lots of requests, I have created a compilation video of Penny at her finest. Here’s the description page.

And if you want a small-resolution teaser…

Edit – I have temporarily removed the low resolution video because you yahoos are crashing my website! Yes, Penny is apparently that popular…

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