Julia Fox’s Boobs are Big Enough

Julia Fox was born in Italy but lived quite a few years as a child in America.

We can assume that her mom had big boobs, because Julia is quite blessed in that area. Would you say those are D-cups?

She is a little cray-cray. At various times she has said she is a) autistic, b) OCD, c) has ADHD. She apparently dated Kanye for one month. Which means she is peripherally connected to Bianca Censori. Ya gotta be crazy to date Kanye, it’s like a pre-requisite.

She was in the movie Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler, but nothing else we might recognize.

More importantly, she routinely likes to strip half naked and flash her boobies around. That, ladies and gentlemen, will get you an appearance on BralessBlog.

One time Kanye said that he didn’t like dating Julia because she went goblin mode. I assumed at the time that had something to do with Julia eating a bunch of food, stuffing her face with calories, and getting bloated or fat. But you can seen in these pics this girl is buff!

She has a six-pack, she has veins in her arms, she has strong leg and calf muscles. If you mess with her she might F you up.

Her sense of fashion is so odd it’s borderline wacky.
Here we can clearly see her nipples.

Great underboob shot here.

Her tits are clearly showing through in this crazy outfit:

She is basically topless here:

Julia has posed nude for Playboy before, but that is a story for another day.

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