Nancy Mace Shows the Political Value of Boobs

There are many jobs out there where I think boobs help a lady.

For instance, being a Hooter’s waitress. I’m 100% positive gals with great tits get better tips than those who don’t. Not that attitude and service won’t help.

Believe it or not, I think that’s true for politicians too. I’m sure there are lots of old perverts within the Republican part who love staring at Nancy Mace’s boobs.

And hey, she love the attention. “A vote’s a vote. Pick me and I’ll flash you nipples and cleavage all day.” I’m sure these are thoughts popping through her brain.

It is hotly debated whether those boobies are natural or bolt-on. I guess I’m trending towards enhanced, just because she’s like 46 years old, has had two kids, and her massive milkers stand too high and tight to believe they haven’t had help.

I think she does a fair job of playing peek-a-boo with the nipples. She doesn’t waltz around braless, flashing her headlights constantly, and thus doesn’t receive criticism about it. But I do think she strategically unleashes those pokies on occasion, which garners quite a bit of attention.

So I have collected for you here a vast array of nipple (and cleavage) photos of South Carolina’s bustiest congresswoman.

Nice pokies in this blue dress, maybe it was cold outside?

The cleavage is getting crazy big in this blouse, especially with her buttons popped open. I bet her boobies were jiggling all over the place as she stomped through the hall with the reporters.

It’s not unusual to find delicious photos like this of Nancy’s nipples. You have to wonder if these girls of hers are pointy enough to poke an eye out.

She really does have a massive rack…

Big boobs and a sneaky nipple in this pink dress…

Kind of makes me think of Ivanka

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