Ruby Reid’s Big Soft Boobs Wreck Marriages

Ruby Reid bikini boobsWe all know “dead bedroom” happens a lot when couples get married.

The passion fades, eyes wander, and the next thing you know hubby is scrolling through boobies on his phone and wifey is jilling with the showerhead in the bathtub.

All of this is exacerbated if someone hot is around. Studies show that married partners, whether male or female, are 63% more likely to cheat based on opportunity – basically when someone they find attractive is available – rather than morals.

Ruby Reid braless picI tell you what would absolutely be a nail in the coffin for any marriage… Ruby Reid.

Those titties are so big and so natural and so soft, no marriage would ever be able to withstand the pull of their gravity.

Not much is known about this babe. Information is pretty scarce, and sometimes conflicting.

Some say she is in her early 30’s. Some say she has a kid, some say she doesn’t. She has a million followers on her instagram account, so she’s not exactly hiding from public view.

I’m like 90% certain those boobs are real. You can just tell the way they squash and squish. Sigh… I think I’m a little bit in love.

Occasionally, you’ll find photos of Ruby topless, like this one. I like the way she is peeking over her shoulder. And there’s all kinds of sideboob going on. Not to mention a bunch of junk in her trunk.
Ruby Reid topless pic

I just can’t get enough of the way she squashes her boobs out to the side, making them spill out of her bikini top. She can do this with lingerie too. Damn, boys, those boobies would look great dangling over my face.
Ruby Reid bikini pic

I like this picture of her flashing her friend at the dinner table in a crowded restaurant. I’m sure every married guy there fell out of their chair when they saw those big boobs.
Ruby Reid flashing pic

She is pretty, but not necessarily gorgeous. Looks much better with some makeup, for sure. But those braless tits cannot be beat. She has cleavage for days, and if you’re lucky you get a glimpse of some gnarly nips.
Rubey Reid braless cleavage

Apparently not related to Tara Reid.

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