Spencer Nicks Boobs Melt Down the Internet

Spencer Nicks influncer pokiesOh mercy, somebody call an ambulance. I think I just had a coronary infarction.

Spencer Nicks is the hottest “influencer” you’ve never heard of, and WHY THE HELL did it take this long to find her??

She has an instagram page with 536k followers, and of course she has the obligatory OF account. She claims to be a health and wellness coach, and be in the fitness lifestyle.

She definitely looks fit, but not in a skinny/muscular way. Ohhhh noooo, skinny she is not. She reminds me a little bit of Sydney Sweeney, both in the face and the body.

See those big boobs? They are very soft, and very real. I say this because I have seen gifs of her strutting around, and they bounce all over the place. Some say she’s enhanced, but I could go either way on this one.

I have put together a special Spencer Nicks video, but damn I’m scared to post it because you horny dudes will melt down my website. Contact me if you want to see it.

I am told she was born in 1990. That’s hard to believe, because it would make her 34 years old (as of this original post date). She doesn’t look that old.

She’s from Louisville Kentucky. She’s 5’5″ tall, and maybe 125 lbs.

She looks incredible in this white bathing suit. They way she squeezes her boobs together? And the way her nipples are poking out? Oh no, I think my heart is acting up again.

She seems to like bouncing her boobs around. In her videos, she is constantly touching her face and sweeping her hair out of the way. I kinda think she would be high maintenance, so maybe ya’ll don’t want to date her. But when she spreads her legs, it’s like none of that matters.

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