Saterra St Jean aka FullerBustBestie and her Massive Boobs

I ran across some really big, beautiful boobs today.

The gal’s name is Saterra St. Jean. Some folks call her FullerBustBestie. She is very well-endowed. All natural, and quite jiggly.

She is Canadian, but currently living in the UK.

Saterra started a women’s clothing and lingerie company for busty women. Sometimes having giant boobs can be a burden, as it can be hard to find things that fit.

This is the kind of problem many women wish they had!

Saterra loves posting pics and videos of herself in wearing hot, skimpy stuff. Every time I get an angle on her where I think she’s borderline chubby, I catch a different view of her that is goddess-like.

Regardless, she isn’t skinny. I guess her boobs are FF-cup. Yowza.

She has some hips, and she has some thighs, and I wouldn’t mind having all of the above in my face or on my lap.

Her first name might actually be Lynn, but she has so many aliases and ID’s it’s hard to keep them all straight.

There are definitely some nude videos and nude pics floating around, but for now you’ll just have to do with the rated PG youtube version.

Massive tennis boobs also await.

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