Maddalena Cabizzosu’s Boobs Deserve an Award

I guess BralessBlog is becoming the internet discovery zone for new and fresh boobies.

Who knew I would be on the hook for providing all you visitors with novel and titillating glimpses of new-to-you bosoms. Louisa, as an example. And maybe even Rachel.

I’m happy to introduce us to Maddalena Cabizzosu and her magnificent titties.

She has around 310k followers on her Instagram, so it’s not like she’s been hiding. But considering how smoking hot she is, and how those boobs make me drool like a fat kid for an extra slice of chocolate cake, I’m surprised she hasn’t hit 1 million by now.

I don’t have much of a bio for her. She is about 5’2″, and I’d put those boobs at a solid DD. She is Italian, and I guess is considered an internet celebrity or influencer or model. She’s 31 years old, which makes for some prime baby-making and I hope she calls me back soon so we can get busy.

She doesn’t really do nude stuff. There are a few topless pics floating around, but you typically get the “implied nude” where she may technically be topless, but she’s covering her nipples with a strategically placed hand or other object.

Really though, this girl’s body makes me weep. I kind of think she is natural. If she’s been enhanced, she has enough droop and squish and bounce to make me think that she had great boobs before they were enhanced.

Regardless, they deserve a BralessBlog Best Boob Award.

Her butt is definitely underrated.

I think this photo of her leaning back in a bikini perfectly demonstrates why I am enamored. They heft, and droop, and 3-dimensional aspect of those boobs is exquisite.

The way her boobs look so full and round when squashed up by her lingerie in this pic actually make me think of Paige.

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