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Get Ready for Valentine’s Day Boobies

Women the world over should STOP buying their dudes chocolates and stuffed animals and socks, and start giving them boobies for Valentine’s Day. What (hetero) man wouldn’t want some jugs for a gift? I realize I’m a few weeks early, … Continue reading

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Braless White Blouse

I’m all used up and have no interest in posting anything witty. Except, dang, this girl is making my jimmy jump. Look at those boobies. Look at that expression. It says: I have gigantic DD-cup boobies. Sit right there and … Continue reading

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Milf in a Sports Bra

I thought we hadn’t posted any sports bra feakiness since 2012, but then whew! I found something from 2013. Yeah, we can all agree that is too long of a dry spell. And what better way to break the dry … Continue reading

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Milf Pokies

Let’s put this lady together, shall we? Give this situation a little analysis: hair-do bandanna is a little country bumpkin, a little hoodlum rolled up tanktop is white, thin, and just damn perfect nice d-cups, possibly DD, possibly fake but … Continue reading

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