Braless Women 6

Ahh, the old pendant between the boobies trick. This gal is clearly well versed in the tricks of the trade. She’s read the book on how to catch a man in her honeytrap. Or maybe she wrote it. Unbotton your shirt a bit. Make sure your camisole is kinda loose. Big boobies help, but are not a requirement. Dangle a shiny object between the breasts, and much like a kid or a raccoon, men cannot help but be drawn in like a magnet. They may clink their teeth on the diamond and suffer expensive damage that requires the attention of a dental professional, but if you’re choosing your man right, they have plenty of money and that’s just the start of the big sucking sound out of the wallet.

pendant boobies

She looks a little zany, but the pinpricks of her pupils show it’s a normal mental state and not drug-induced. As boobie-obsessed as we are, we can’t help but be mesmerized by the very suggestive and yummy way she’s holding her mouth. It could only be more inviting if she had a banana tucked carefully in there. I like the skirt, and the taktop, and the hair. Yep, I’d marry her.

down blouse pic

Even conquerors of the Amazon Rain Forest deserve a home here on bralessblog. This lady looks a little sketch, like maybe she hasn’t bathed in a couple of weeks, has serious stubble in her pits, and has a beaver that smells like a quagmire. But still… braless, gotta post. Hopefully she gets those goofy yarn things off her wrist, shaves pretty much her whole body, irrigates and fumigates, and makes a return when her boobs are worthy of a motorboat.

amazon braless

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