Jennifer Love Hewitt No More Braless Photos

You know you love her. Those big mogambos of Jennifer Love Hewitt, that soft curvy body, those crinkly-eyed smiles. It’s been a long time since we wondered what she would blossom into during the party of five show. Now we know. The thin brown fabric seems to suit her well. The long, flowing, hippy chic green skirt is great, as long as she promises she has a g-string on under there. Mercifully, we have cropped out her kankles – nobody is perfect but Jennifer is close except for those think beefy ankles. With a top heavy gal like this, we don’t have to worry about the feets dawg. In the one pic, she is on her phone screaming to her best friend:

Yes, they are following me again! I don’t know how they found me, but they’re here. And they are snapping photos even though my boobs are jiggling all over the place. Make sure I never leave the house again without putting on a bra, dammit! The paparazzi and general public get more peeks at my boobies than my man, and that’s just not fair.

But, c’mon, who is going to appreciate her chest more, some dude that has like a million dollars in his bank account and has seen them before, or lil ol me, here in my trailer and wishing mightily.
Jennifer Love Hewitt bralessJennifer Love Hewitt bralessJennifer Love Hewitt braless

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