Amy Childs and Her Round Mounds

Do you know Amy Childs? Some kind of British gal. She seems to think she’s pretty hot, which makes two of us. She is 21 years old, so maybe she would like to hang out with an old fart like me. We could hop on that scooter and go zoomin around town, chick out the local watering hole called the Blind Squirrel, then go to the playground and swing on the swings. I bet she doesn’t do that very often. She would be impressed and think that I was interested in her for more than just her boobs. I mean her body. At one point, Amy modelled for a company called Bra Queen, which sounds like an organization I would like to invest in. But some stock maybe, frame my stock certificates and hang them up on my wall, perhaps beside a photo or two of the lovely Amy.

I was tempted to crop her hair out of the photo. It sort of detracts from the the image. Who can imagine laying down a babe with two-foot high hair? Ok, admission of guilt, I can imagine such a thing. Let me try a different tact. If she didn’t have the big hair but was dressed in this getup with that body, I would be just as interested. Fair enough?

Another Amy you might be interested in.

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