Kate Upton Braless in White

I could probably post on Kate Upton once an hour every hour and not get tired of her. Curvy and hot, she’s my kind of gal. I don’t wantcha to think I’m obsessed or anything. I mean, I am, just don’t wantcha to know it. Kind of like Jennifer, I have at least two of my six brain cells at any given time engaged in thinking about her. Kate looks dee-lish in this white dress, cut low and design to squeeze those boobies up for maximum effect. The side boob shot, with the blue eyes, and the bronze skin, and the big smile…yowza, I need a girl like that. I wonder how tall she is? Usually I go for petite girls, but trust me I make exceptions. EDIT: She’s 5’10”. I had to look that factoid up on wikipedia where they also show a tiny photo of her at a Jets party vamped up in a black thing that does it’s best to keep those garbonzo beanies under control. She would be a fantastic mom. The kiddo would get hurt, and she would sooth the child and they would lay their head on her breasts and I would have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom and try to calm down.

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