You Don’t Need Permission

No, I don’t know Samantha Escobar. And no, I don’t generally visit lipgloss or thegloss or whatever the website is. But this braless article was posted just a few hours ago, and I had to comment on it.

The gist of it…

This girl Samantha starts off talking about the difference between sexy and sophisticated, and trashy. Then she digresses into talking about her 34D boobs. Which, as you can imagine, is very distracting. How are we supposed to follow the story if she is throwing out there the fact that she built like a brick shithouse?

She describes the pain and suffering she’s endured due to wearing an improperly sized bra, and how much better her life was when she discovered a better fitting one. And them BAM, upon some friend’s advice she tries to go braless. And she is in ecstasy. Me too! Everybody likes braless, right?

Then, I tried going totally braless at their suggestion. Both of these friends also have relatively large breasts close to my size, so I trusted their opinions though I was simultaneously terrified I’d look ridiculous without a bra on. They assured me, though, that I wouldn’t regret it. So this time, when I found a shirt I couldn’t wear a bra with because it would show too much or look silly, I decided to just opt for no bra. IT WAS AWESOME. Free boobin’ it is, to me, one of the most comfortable things in the world now.

Heh heh, sweet. And I mean that in the most admiring, creepy guy on the internet sense. Seriously, don’t talk about your braless boobs unless you want a website like bralessblog to pick up on it and rebroadcast it to 12k visitors per day. And then there are the comments:

Wearing a bra is less about perceived sluttiness and more about comfort after a certain size (and age). I used to be fine without a bra, but now it just hurts after awhile.

My lips, your boobs. All the support you need, sweetie.

Anyway, my point is, well as usual I don’t have a point. But if I did, I would say listen ladies you don’t need permission to go braless from some faceless lady on some goofy website where they don’t even seem to promote lewd comments and horniness. If you get the urge, gohead. And snap photos and send them. Or call me.

This public service announcement brought to you by – all the braless trash fit to broadcast (and then some).

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