Braless Pornstars

I don’t have a category for braless pornstars. But maybe I should. I realize you might feel like pornstars make it too easy to see them nekkid, they are after all pornstars. So maybe that takes some of the sense of excitement out of seeing some braless boobies, or catching a nip poking up against some soft material. But see, I just convinced myself it’s just as exciting as a celeb or some amateur off the street. I guess to an extent it’s a voyeuristic novelty, this obsession we share. We risk ruining it if we analyze it too much. So let’s look at some chicks.

This girl’s name was Heather. I say was, because she retired. I won’t tell you what she used to do, where she used to pose, but I will tell you that is one delicious sideboob. That is one bronzed goddess. Too bad you will not see her nekkid in the one meeelion pics I have of her on my hard drive.
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This blondie is just some random girl I ran across on the interwebz. I guess I can’t say with 100% certainty that she’s a pornstar, but lookit her. You don’t have a blastin body like that, and you don’t strike a pose like that, unless you are about to do something very adult. I don’t know where a person might find a short-sleeved sweater that low cut, but if I ever find one I’m going to buy one and ask my next door neighbor to wear it for me. She has a nice rack. But she’s chubby.
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And gal number three is definitely not a pornstar. I included her here beacuse I can’t stop drooling over her. You see her in that little yellow tanktop sitting there with her legs demurely crossed and you gotta wonder – is she wearing panties? The same question popped into my head the other day at the bank. I was standing at the counter making a withdrawal, and the lady behind the counter had that mischievous gleam in her eye that seemed to say “Hi, I’m glad you showered before you came in. This morning when I dressed, I omitted my bloomers. I’ve been sitting here feeling all wet and creamy all day. Too bad you can only get this message via your special ESP.”
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