Halle Berry – Down Between the Boobs

I know I like talking out of both sides of my mouth. In one post I complain that Halle Berry’s boobs are getting kind of saggy. Then the next thing you know I’m grunting and grappling and saying mmm I gotta have those. She’s a pretty girl, what do you expect. She is getting a little older, but aren’t we all. In the meantime, I plan to enjoy looking at her amazing mocha body, and those perfect white teeth, and did I mention the boobs?

See how that necklace sort of disappears down into the cleavage? Realistically, like for real, this is what I would like to do. A certain part of me would just disappear between her boobs. And then reappear. And then disappear again. Repeatedly. Until it was time to stop doing that. Either because I was not capable of functioning any more, or because I had to pick up my batman suit from the drycleaners. If they close, and I don’t get it, well then I might miss one of those special nerd parties I go to. Now that I think about it, maybe Halle could go with me, and on the way there, while I was driving, I would just eh fondle her. It would hard to get enough of that girl.

Halle Berry picHalle Berry PicHalle Berry Pic

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