Olivia Munn Pokie Madness

It’s been far too long since we juked on blogged about Olivia Munn. I gotta admit, she looks more scrumptious in the pics we posted back in 2011 than in the pics below. More wanton, and slutty, and ready to scream like a banshee while she bounces in the sex swing. But the thing about it is, those pokies are epic. I’ll be thinking about those even after I pass out from a combination of booze, cheetos, and masturbation. Every single person she came in contact with the night she wore this dress had to have been thinking

Oh, it’s Olivia Munn again. She is such a boring airhead. I guess I will have to stand here and talk to her. Maybe I can distract her by pointing to the flaming filet mignon and then – HOLY CRAP! Look at those nipples! She could cut glass with those things. I have to text my boy Jason and tell him to come over here and check out Olivias boobs. This nutso. What is she thinking, she can’t wear something like that. I’m liable to lose control and pinch them. Wait a second, are they real?

Also, I don’t know why she refuses to bleach her teeth. I like my rich, braless Hollywood babes to have pearly white chompers. If she wants to smoke, or fails to brush, or maybe has bad genetics and like her mom is from England, whatever I don’t care. Bleach yo teeth. Dingy gray ain’t gonna cut it. In the meantime, just smirk or smile with your mouth closed so I don’t get a glimpse of those things and ruin in for myself.

Olivia Munn pokies 1Olivia Munn Pokies 2Olivia Munn Pokies 1

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