The Braless Connection

A little repeat (or should I say update) action from this little paragraph about Heidi Klum sure won’t hurt anybody. Fabulous body, fabulous outfit. I think she is like 50 years old, but no matter that chest is magnificent.
Heidi Klum cleavage

This chicka must be latina, or rican, or south american, or something hot and sizzily. I had to edit the 2nd photo because there was a little glimpse of uh a rare species of south american beaver. If you want the unedited version just email me some kind of obnoxious request and I’ll be happy to send it to you.
braless cleavage 1braless cleavage 2

It’s been too dang long since we waxed eloquently on a braless milf. They bring something special to the table don’t they? For that matter, Heidi Klum qualifies too, and she brings a rockin body and a giant checkbook to the table. Now we can all agree this anonymous lady isn’t as hot as Ms. Klum, but she has some pretty serious satin top pokies going on. And the obligatory glass of wine. Something happens when women age, and they trade their bottle of beer in for a glass of wine. They also dry out a little, but that’s ok. Once upon a time, that mean you needed a tube of KY on the nightstand, but these days spitting on it is in vogue. Free and unlimited lube.
braless milf 1braless milf 2

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