Celebrity Pokies Photo Extravaganza

I will start this out with some Joy Corrigan pokies. Gotta admit, I had no idea who Joy Corrigan was and I had to look her up. I didn’t find out much, the interwebz just told me she is a model. I can tell you she’s at risk of being arrested for smuggling raisins though. Look at those pokies! And wow those abs. Wait, let’s look at the boobs again. Ok, now back to the abs. You can’t stop can you?? I couldn’t either. She is a little too stickish for me, I like ’em a little more plump. But she’s clearly fit, not just skinny. And those nips!

Joy Corrigan pokies 2Joy Corrigan pokies 1

Next up, we have my dear Jennifer Aniston. And yeah, we all know there’s nothing on god’s green earth short of a steel wall that can contain her nipples. She’s been trying to conceal them since her days on Friends, and they ain’t going away.

Jennifer Aniston pokiesJennifer Aniston pokiesjennifer aniston pokies 1

Who can live without some Jennifer Lawrence pokies. Everybody at the wedding who was a female was probably thinking “could she please put the breastacles away?” All the guys were thinking “Damn, nice rack!” Speaking of guys, I have no idea who her date is. He almost looks more homeless than I do. I bet he’s stinky too.

jennifer lawrence bralessjennifer lawrence pokies

Bar Rafaeli is gorgeous, and those braless boobies have me smitten. It looks like she may be at some red carpet event, and being interviewed. I certainly could not interview her if I had to stare at that bare cleavage. I don’t really know who Bar is, but I like drinking in bars. Furthermore, we apparently posted back in 2007 about a braless bar. If you got Bar Rafaeli into a braless bar with no bra… holy crikey that is quite a use of the famous three letters.

Bar Rafaeli bralessBar Rafaeli braless

I have more. A whole lot more! But I’m tired of typing so I’ll see ya later pervs.

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