Wet T-shirt Pokies + Pervitty

Oh my-my, oh hell yeah, as Mr Tom Petty says. This image of some serious wet t-shirt pokies is fine at any size, but you’ll want to make sure you click through and blow it up to fullsize. There’s something about those bigguns staring you in the face when plastered across your screen.

I can’t say that I agree with her selection for baseball teams, but ain’t nobody gonna notice the print on this t-shirt when they can instead focus on that magnificent pair of yum-yums. In the very tiny corner of the image, it looks like she’s is gripping on to the handrail in the pool, and the decal says “no jumping, no running.” Let’s talk about this. Let’s be rule breakers, and get those boobies wobbling deary.

Run and jump
that I say
make the boobs
bobble and sway.

The slap together
and droop a bit
but when you go braless
it’s a real hit.

Bumpy nipples
they grip and poke
they make me horny
and that’s not joke.

Do you guys get braless poetry anywhere else? No, you don’t. You have to come here, because so few people are this pervitty. Let me help you define:
perverted + witty = pervitty

Webster is probably going to hire me prior to publishing the next edition of his dictionary. Cause I can make up a shitton of words.

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wet t-shirt pokies

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