Sweater Pokies Time

It’s time to roll out some sweater pokies. In the wintertime, it’s easy for the dedicated pervert to get a little depressed. The babes get cold and they cover up, and we can’t see the goodies that we need to see. Sweater pokies are that ray of hope. They tells us the boobies are still there, even when put up for the cold weather.

And what’s more, they tells us some naughty women like to swing braless, even when it’s cold. In the summer, I’m sure bras are hot and sweaty, but you would think having a little extra insulation on the girls would be a good thing when the frost bites.

Some sweaters are thicker than others. It can be hard to poke out of a sweater, but we all know there are nipples out there that are a testament to diamonds cutting glass.

Several stages beyond sweaters are raincoats. Dang kid, if you ever see raincoat pokies ya better run. That girls probably has protrusions that would chip your teeth.

I’ll admit, many of these photos don’t look very winter-ish. I’m not too worried, none of us want SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Staring at these boobs will be good for us!

yellow sweater pokiesturtleneck sweater pokiesgray sweater pokieshalf sweater pokies

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