Carla Gugino Pokies

I started to type up a big long post about how I’m not sure exactly what size Carla Gugino’s boobs are, but that she looks a whole lot like Rachel Weisz. Then I realized I did the exact same thing back in 2012.

The good news is: I’m consistently aroused by Carla’s boobies. And also, she reminds me of Rachel Weisz regardless of which day you catch me.

The bad news is: I’m getting (more) senile.

I actually saw Carla in Night at the Museum and I thought to myself a) great rack, b) I like boobies. She is 45 years old these days, which is hard to believe. Not much sag there, that’s fo sure. And not very wrinkly in the face, good living that gal. She isn’t married, and has commented that she likes the boyfriend/girlfriend thing too much to get married. That tells me she like-a the sauce. If you haven’t seen that episode of Saturday Night Live, well just keep staring at Carla’s cans and don’t worry about it.

I checked out some of her nude scenes (link below) and I have some observations for you. First of all, her boobs are as big bare as they are plumped up by a bra. Dang, delicious. Also, I saw a scene where she was getting out of the bathtub nude, and her butt was all shiny and wet, and I will surprise myself by saying her butt is as hot as her boobs.

She gets down and dirty, with several clips of her hunching on dudes. And there are several scenes of Carla running around with her boobs jiggling. Mercy, that body is made for me to drool over. She has pretty eyes too. I think I’m gonna give her four starts gents. Every time she comes out with a new movie, which is pretty frequently, she does the whole talk show and interview circuit. For a 45 year old, she doesn’t mind strutting around in some tight, braless dresses. Awesome.

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