Nipple Jewelry Pokies

It is time to cover something that we have never covered before here on BralessBlog. And yes, I understand the irony of phrasing it this way considering we have the duty of “covering” breasts covered by a tiny bit of clothing but not covered by bras.

That topic would be nipple jewelry, aka piercings. And more precisely: nipple jewelry pokies.

Yes, these would be a tiny subset of pokies visible to the naked eye with piercings evident.

I realize I’m an old curmudgeon, and grumpy, and smell a little like pee, but disregard all that. I just don’t like pierced nipples. Shitfire, I honestly don’t like anything pierced. All that crapola gets in the way. Instead of ranting and raving about piercings in general, I’ll try to confine it to just nips.

I like nipples. A whole lot. I like ’em big and small. I like the silver dollars and the hershey kisses. I like ’em pink and brown and every shade inbetween. But stick a damn bar through them, and it throws me off. Now don’t get me wrong, a piercing doesn’t automatically make my willy go limp. It just does nothing for me, and can distract me.

I guess piercings tend to make and keep nipples hard. This is total speculation, I have no idea if this is true or not. Along those lines, I guess a nipple aggravated by nipple jewelry might be erect more often, and therefore visible more often, in the way of braless pokies. But still, it’s like cheating, and I don’t like it.

I’m pretty much just including coverage of this topic on the vaunted blog because I’ve been repeatedly asked to show some photos. You know, but all the fans. The guys, and gals, who are typing me long messages with one hand while the other hand is ahhh, ummm, massaging their sore muscle.

nipple jewelry pokies 1nipple jewelry pokies 2nipple jewelry pokies 3nipple jewelry pokies 4

I don’t think Alyssa has nipple jewelry, but if you enjoy witty banter you will probably want to read this

And if you don’t enjoy witty banter, but kinda have a thing for 70’s nightclub colors and would consider wearing an orange-ish swatch cut from a dirty rug, you can go here

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