Sports Pokies Madness

Sports Pokies have long been a staple here on BralessBlog.

The way you folks clamor for more and devour every sporty girl morsel I give you speaks to the popularity.

Why is that? Well, I have some theories. Mainly because I’m absurdly smart and an under-utilized national resource.

When you are looking at a model, you know she got paid to show whatever she’s got. When you look at an amateur, there’s a little bit of a thrill in seeing something you’re probably not supposed to be seeing.

Along those same lines, many of these chicks we see bouncing around on TV are there for the sports, and not really to look good or be ogled. Well, except for beach volleyball girls. Holy shit, what is up with their outfits? I’m surprised there aren’t mass riots, perverts clawing each other’s eyes out trying to get to the partially clothed, sandy hotties.

It’s a primal thing. Yes, I’m back to the primal argument, like from the downblouse discussion. You see those sports pokies and you go mad, you can barely control the horny caveman inside you.

Some scenes are a little more rare than others. As an example, tennis pokies are plentiful. A solid 50% or more of tennis players are female. These girls get out there in skimpy outfits and play their asses off, getting sweaty and sticky. It’s not surprising that we get a view of some pokies on a not-infrequent basis.

But compare that to say Judo pokies. You are never gonna see any judo nips, fuhgetaboutit. They are all wrapped up in a gi, they don’t wrestle around on the mat long enough to get sweaty, etc.

Let’s so what my brilliant mind can think of:

  • Tennis pokies
  • Swimming pokies
  • Gymnastics pokies
  • Cheerleader pokies
  • Volleyball pokies
  • Track and field pokies
  • Runner pokies

One could argue that running may be a subset of track & field, but a) don’t argue with me, I’m the boss, and b) it’s in a different location and mostly a different subset of women.

I’ll be honest, 90% of that’s just an edited list of summer olympic sports. I took any off the list that I didn’t think would generate some pokie action. And I added cheerleaders. Because: cheerleaders.

We should do the same for winter olympics:

  • Figure skating pokies
  • Speed skating pokies
  • Luge pokies

Okay, I admit that I’m stretching it with luge, but those chicks are laying down and some of ’em are hot. You cannot blame me for trying.
So I sort of wonder if my magnificence can churn out examples of each of these sports? It seems unlikely, because my pervert-OCD will kick in long before I finish the list.

Swimmer Pokies

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